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The Past 50 Years

Hart Energy has chronicled the energy industry for the past 50 years. As we reflected on our shared history with the industry, we have captured the highlights of our journey so far. We can't wait to see what the next 50 years have in store!

Exclusive: Harold Hamm Frames the Next Century of Energy Supply

Hart Energy's hall of famer Harold Hamm encourages those pursuing the energy industry and highlights the future of the global energy transition in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive interview.

US LNG: A Growing Market Presence

Rising hydrocarbon production has allowed the U.S. to join the world’s leading energy exporters. Robust natural gas production will allow it to stay there.

Finance Evolution: Of Price and Oilmen

Financing the energy industry continues to evolve with market growth and transformation, resource development and innovation.

Hart Energy Gala Celebrates Oil and Gas Legends

At the Hart Energy Hall of Fame Awards and Celebration in Houston on Dec. 5, energy industry legends turned out for a night of celebrating the accomplishments of the past five decades. 

'Physics Wins': Scott Tinker on the Energy Transition's Future

Scott Tinker, CEO of Tinker Energy Associates shares advice about the energy industry and how he sees the future of the industry, in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive.

Looking Back at the Frac

It took a lot of trial and error over the decades to make hydraulic fracturing an overnight success.

Bit by Bit, Drilling Tech Has Evolved

The future of drilling tech is faster and more efficient, experts say.

Column: All the Pretty Oil & Gas

The beauty of the oil and gas field is well known by more than a century of wildcatters and oilfield-service professionals. Hart Energy shared it with the world, beginning in 1981.

Carbon Tax, Swinging Gasoline Prices, EV Push. What’s Next for US Energy Policy?

The future of domestic energy policy hangs on the balance of the Inflation Reduction Act's efficacy, a carbon tax adoption and consumers embracing electric vehicles. 

Seismic Evolution: Making Waves

More and better data, coupled with ever-increasing computing power, have revolutionized seismic processing.