Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2019

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2019

Oil And Gas Investor Ranks Top 50 E&Ps

From the biggest operators with multinational portfolios to basin-specific smaller producers with motivation to grow. Investor showcases the 50 most-valued U.S. independents.

Cover Story

Oil And Gas Investor Ranks Top 50 E&Ps

From the biggest operators with multinational portfolios to basin-specific smaller producers with motivation to grow. Investor showcases the 50 most-valued U.S. independents.


Could Mezzanine Financing Be Re-emerging For E&Ps?

The intermediate financing tool is getting oil and gas investors’ attention in “log-jammed” A&D and equity markets.

E&Ps Discover Premium In South Louisiana Vertical Play

Old-time conventional E&P is yielding big profits in South Louisiana for these operators familiar with bypassed potential.

Found: Small, Strategic Capital For Oil Producers

These private equity firms fund both conventional- and unconventional-resource ideas and oil and gas producers needing less than $200 million to make their plays.

Frozen Out: M&A In The Ice Age

Publicly held E&Ps are settling in for a long cold spell, lest they be burned. Forego deals for fear of shareholder reprisal? Or press ahead despite market backlash?

Halliburton’s CEO On A Century Of Success

At 100 years old, “Big Red” oilfield-services company Halliburton has weathered the industry’s ups and downs, ultimately conquering the world in its reach. At the top of its game, it’s positioning for another 100.

In Memoriam: Raymond Plank, 1922-2018

We remember this oil and gas dealmaker extraordinaire, financial innovator and philanthropic leader.

Percussion Petroleum: A Play On The Yeso

A start-up in early 2016, Percussion Petroleum has found success with horizontal pay from New Mexico’s Yeso in the Permian Basin.

The E&P Survey Says

Cautious optimism prevails in the findings of the fall 2018 edition of the Grant Thornton/Hart Energy survey of the state of the oil and gas industry.

The Greener Green Gas

E&Ps are voluntarily banding together to rein in methane losses along the value chain. They’re hitting remarkable targets—and far earlier than anticipated.

The Pure-Play Risk For Shale Industry

Specialization works—until it doesn’t. Oil and gas specialists would be wise to consider these hidden risks in pursuing the pure-play strategy.

The ‘Shale On It’ Game

Stratas Advisors conducts a game of trivia on 2018 unconventional resources dealing with production, drilling and field activity in U.S. shale.

WTI-Houston Futures

Exchange-listed trading of light, sweet delivered to the Houston Ship Channel has begun.

A&D Trends

A&D Trends: Free-Market Farce

Big ticket, stock-heavy M&A overshadowed low-volume asset deals late in the year—and investors shunned both.

At Closing

At Closing: The Shale Life Cycle

If we track the life cycle of the shale plays as they unfold, what do they portend for U.S. production and those that rely on the shale markets?

E&P Momentum

E&P Momentum: ‘Power’ Play In The Western Anadarko Basin

The old is new once again in the western Anadarko Basin, as private independents revive the slumbering province.

From the Editor-in-Chief

E&P Sector Outlook: Living ‘The New Order’

The time is now for public E&Ps to meet investors’ new expectations, says Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief Steve Toon.

On the Money

On The Money: Hard Times In ‘Algo’ Land For Energy Stocks

Supply, demand and geopolitics aside, could “algo trading” be whipsawing the crude markets?