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Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, but Outlook Joyless

The gloomy forecast will falter if COVID-19 passes quickly and the global economy recovers its appetite for hydrocarbons.

Frac Spread: Shale Shares Misery Down Value Chain

NGL price collapse deprives oil and gas producers who leaned on associated liquids when crude struggled.

Frac Spread: Worst Week Ever For NGL Prices

Aftershocks of Market Meltdown Monday continue, with collapsing oil prices dragging down NGL and complicating export markets.

Frac Spread: Oil Fight Hits NGL Prices Hard

Hypothetical barrel tumbles to four-year low with tightly squeezed margins.

Frac Spread: Viral Woes For Oil, Gas, NGL Prices

Volatile global crude markets weigh down the rest of oil and gas commodities.

Frac Spread: Oil And Gas Markets Brace For Next Impact

As COVID-19 spreads, NGL exports are diverted and warnings sting already-weak prices.

Frac Spread: Ethane Rallies In A Rocky Stretch

NGL prices rebound despite coronavirus worries.

Frac Spread: How The Virus Has Hurt Oil, Gas Prices

NGL prices follow as China’s troubles impact global economy.

Frac Spread: Crude, Gas Prices Buckling Under Pressure

The spread of the coronavirus, a warm winter and high inventories are depressing the prices of oil, gas and NGL.

Frac Spread: For Prices, Looking Ahead Means Looking Down

Ethane, propane and natural gas continue to drop, dragged down by high inventories and warm winter weather.