Top 12 I.P. Wells in Granite Wash FlowOperatorWell #County, StateSection/Survey, RRCComp. Date46.14 MMcfe/d(3,190 boc + 27 MMcf)Linn Energy50-1H BlackWheeler, TX50, Block A-4, H&GN Survery, Dist. 10July 201039.83 MMcfe/d(3,455 boc + 19.1 MMcf)Forest Oil Corp.2012H Frye RanchWheeler, TX29, Block A-3, H&GN Survey, A-209, Dist. 10May 201037.75 MMcfe/d (325 boc + 35.8 MMcf)Devon Energy Production Co.2012H BachWheeler, TX2, Camp CSL Survey, A-26July 201036.4 MMcfe/d (1,900 boc + 25 MMcf)Newfield Exploration Co.7H McCoy 27Wheeler, TX4, Camp CSL Survey, A-24, Dist. 10Oct. 200933.80 MMcfe/d (300 boc + 32 MMcf)Devon Energy Production Co.6H-9 ReidWheeler, TX9, Block...

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