Big Granite Wash Producer in Wheeler County, Tex. by Forest Oil

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United States

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#2012H Frye Ranch
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At an Anadarko Basin development well, gas flowed at an initial rate of 19.1 million cu. ft. per day, with 3,455 bbl. of 62-gravity condensate and 3,455 bbl. of water daily. Forest Oil Corp.'s #2012H Frye Ranch is in Section 29, Block A-3, H&GN Survey, A-209, in Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10), Texas. The well was tested on a 50/64-in. choke and production comes from fracture-stimulated and acidized perforations in Des Moines Granite Wash between 12,250 and 16,538 ft. The respective shut-in and flowing casing pressures were 3,613 psi and 2,388 psi. The lateral extends southward to a measured depth of 16,689 ft.