Seven new high-volume Newfield completions in northern Texas

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#7H McCoy 27, #8H McCoy 27, #27-10H McCoy, #5H Thomas 5, #7H Williams 33, #3H Britt D4, #13H Britt Ranch I4
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Newfield Exploration Co. of Houston has reported an average 22-million-cu.-ft.-per day initial production rate for seven recent high-volume horizontal completions in the Anadarko Basin in Wheeler County, Texas. In Section 4, Camp CSL Survey, A-24, #7H McCoy 27 flowed 25 million cu. ft. of gas and 1,900 bbl. of condensate daily from a 3,400-ft. Des Moines Granite Wash lateral. The #8H McCoy 27 produced 21 million cu. ft. of gas with 1,230 bbl. of condensate per day in March 2009, and to date has recovered 1.25 billion cu. ft. equivalent from a 3,600-ft. lateral in the Granite Wash. The #27-10H McCoy flowed 12 million cu. ft. of gas and 280 bbl. of condensate from a 2,900-ft. horizontal section. In Section 5, Block 5, B&B Survey, A-4, #5H Thomas 5 is an offset lateral to #7H McCoy 27 and initially flowed 20 million cu. ft. per day. In Section 33, Block RE, Roberts & Eddleman Survey, #7H Williams 33 produced 21 million cu. ft. of gas and 570 bbl. of condensate per day. In April 2009, #3H Britt D4 in Section 4, Block 1, B&B Survey, A-8630, flowed 21 million cu. ft. of gas daily from a 3,900-ft. lateral. Finally, #13H Britt Ranch I4, Section 4, Block 2, B&B Survey, A-8275, flowed 8 million cu. ft. of gas with 180 bbl. of condensate per day on completion in a 2,900-ft. Des Moines leg. Newfield plans 14 additional horizontal Granite Wash wells in 2009.