Two High-volume Des Moines Granite Wash Producers by Linn Energy

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United States

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#3H Stein 1, #8H Thomas 5
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Drilling Activity Summary


Linn Energy LLC completed two high-volume horizontal Des Moines Granite Wash producers in Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10), Texas. Linn's #3H Stein 1 is in Section 1, C&M Survey, A-412, and flowed 37.2 million cu. ft. of gas equivalent per day from a southward lateral. According to the company, the well flowed 19 million cu. ft. of natural gas and 1,487 bbl. of condensate per day. The flowing surface pressure was 1,510 psi. At #8H Thomas 5 in Section 2, Block 5, B&B Survey, A-437, Linn reported an initial flow of 16.3 million cu. ft. of gas and 640 bbl. of condensate daily. The well was designed with a north lateral extending to a bottomhole in Section 5, Block 5, B&B Survey, A-4. Houston-based Linn owns an approximate 60% working interest in both Anadarko Basin wells.