Chesapeake Reports Two High-volume Granite Wash Producers

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United States

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#2H T West, #12H Miller 2
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Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Operating Inc. completed two high-volume horizontal producers in Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10), Texas. The #2H T West is in Block 4, B&B (Thomas James) Survey, A-399, and produced 23.3 million cu. ft. of gas, 1,717 bbl. of 49-gravity condensate/oil and 3,431 bbl. of water per day. The well was completed following fracture-stimulation of a Des Moines lateral at 12,660-17,328 ft. On a 50/64-in. choke, the shut-in casing pressure was 2,743 psi and the flowing casing pressure was gauged at 1,944 psi. The producer was drilled to 17,465 ft. with a true vertical depth of 12,187 ft. The #12H Miller 2 is in Section 2, Block A-3, H&GN survey, A-8267 and flowed 16.2 million cu. ft. of gas with 654 bbl. of 55-gravity condensate and 1,580 bbl. of water daily during initial tests conducted on a 41/64-in. choke. It is producing from a fracture-stimulated lateral in Des Moines Granite Wash at 13,154-17,511 ft. and was drilled to 17,634 ft., 12,956 ft. true vertical. Respective shut-in and flowing casing pressures were gauged at 2,896 psi and 2,074 psi.