Three High-volume Des Moines Granite Wash Producers Completed by Devon

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United States

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#6H-9 Reid, 4H-10 Mary Mitchell, #2012H Bach
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Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Production Co. reported three Des Moines Granite Wash completions from development tests in its Anadarko Basin horizontal drilling program in Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10), Texas. The #6H-9 Reid is in Section 9, Block RE, Roberts & Eddleman Survey, A-496, and initially flowed 32 million cu. ft. of gas, 300 bbl. of 54-gravity condensate and 3,105 bbl. of water per day through fracture-stimulated perforations between 12,315-16,553 ft. Tested on a 64/64-in. choke the flowing casing pressure was 1,745 psi and the shut-in casing pressure was 4,600 psi. The West Park Field well was drilled to 16,660 ft., 12,090 ft. true vertical. The #4H-10 Mary Mitchell is in Section 10, Block RE, Roberts & Eddleman Survey, A-509, and flowed 19.6 million cu. ft. of gas, 182 bbl. of 54-gravity condensate and 2,428 bbl. of water per day. The well was tested on a 64/64-in. choke and produces from a fracture-stimulated lateral in the Des Moines Granite Wash at 12,825-16,343 ft. Respective shut-in and flowing casing pressures were gauged at 1,890 psi and 1,325 psi. Drilled to 16,442 ft., the true vertical depth was 12,002 ft. The #2012H Bach is in Section 2, Camp CSL Survey, A-26, and was tested through perforations between 12,200 and 15,813 ft: this producer initially flowed 35.8 million cu. ft. of gas, 325 bbl. of 57-gravity condensate and 2,088 bbl. of water daily after fracture-stimulation. Production was gauged on a 64/64-in. choke. The Buffalo Wallow Field venture was drilled to 15,873 ft., 11,703 ft. true vertical.