Granite Wash Discovery Results: 27.2 Mmcf, 752 Bocpd.

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United States

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#6H Hefley
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Devon Energy Corp. completed a Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10) Texas well that flowed 27.2 million cu. ft. of gas, 752 bbl. of 56-gravity condensate and 3,704 bbl. of water per day. The #6H Hefley is in Section 36, Block M-1, H&GN Survey, A-8300. It was horizontally drilled and completed at 11,500-16,220 ft. in Cherokee (Des Moines) Granite Wash after a multistage fracturing. Tested on a 40/64-in. choke, the shut-in tubing pressure was 2,725 psi and the flowing tubing pressure was 1,331-psi. The measured and true vertical depths are 16,320 ft. and 11,532 ft., respectively. Devon's headquarters are in Oklahoma City.