2020 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

An expert panel of judges has selected the top 25 industry projects that open new and better avenues to the complicated process of finding and producing hydrocarbons around the world.

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2020 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

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The E&P Plus editors and staff proudly present the winners of the 2020 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEAs), which recognize service and operating companies for excellence and achievement in every segment of the upstream petroleum industry. The pages that follow highlight 25 winners picked by an independent team of judges.

The winning technologies represent a broad range of disciplines and address several challenges that pose roadblocks to efficient operations. Winners of each category are products that provided monumental changes in their sectors and represented techniques and technologies that are most likely to improve artificial lift, drill bits, drilling fluids/stimulation, drilling systems, exploration/geoscience, formation evaluation, HSE, hydraulic fracturing/pressure pumping, intelligent systems and components, IOR/EOR/remediation, marine construction and decommissioning, nonfracturing completions, subsea systems and water management.

This year some of the brightest minds in the industry from service and operating companies entered exceptionally innovative products and technologies that have now been measured against the world’s best to be distinguished as the most groundbreaking in concept, design and application.

The awards program recognizes new products and technologies designed by companies and people who understand the need for newer, better and constantly changing technological innovation to appease the energy-hungry world.

The panel of judges comprised experts in business, engineering and the sciences representing operating and consulting companies worldwide. Each judge was assigned a category that best utilized his or her area of expertise. Judges whose companies have a business interest were excluded from participation. 

E&P Plus would like to thank these distinguished judges for their efforts in selecting the winners in this year’s competition.

An entry form for the 2021 MEAs competition is available at HartEnergy.com/mea. The deadline for entries is Jan. 31, 2021. 

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