The Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA)

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The Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA) is the industry’s most established and widely respected engineering awards program. Each year, the world’s best new tools and techniques for finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons are recognized.

MEA entries are judged on their game-changing significance, both technically and economically. Judges include respected professionals with engineering and technical backgrounds who have extensive knowledge of the categories they are judging.

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Deadline: Jan. 31, 2021

2021 MEA Award Categories

Artificial Lift: ESP, PCP, rod lift, plunger lift, gas lift, jet pump, hydraulic pump, capillary injection and wellsite automation

Drillbits: natural diamond, impregnated, PDC, bi-center, milled tooth, hybrid, insert and hammer

Drilling Fluids/Stimulation: chemicals, drilling mud, additives and flow enhancers 

Drilling Systems: LWD/MWD, motors, coring, tool joints, fishing tools, drillpipe, whipstocks, subs, packers and rotary steerable systems

Exploration/Geoscience: potential fields, geochemistry, seismic acquisition, processing algorithms and software, reservoir characterization, interpretation software, and hardware

Floating Systems and Rigs: floating production and topsides systems and designs, drilling units, turrets, loading and offloading, mooring and positioning, people and cargo transfer, and safety and evacuation

Formation Evaluation: wireline logging, core analysis, cuttings analysis and well testing hardware and software

HSE: hardware, software and methodologies 

Hydraulic Fracturing/Pressure Pumping: matrix acidizing, proppants and chemicals

Intelligent Systems and Components: digital oil field, smart and real-time control and monitoring systems, remote operations, automation, intelligent agents, Big Data, and networks and software

IOR/EOR/Remediation: advances in all IOR/EOR and remediation methods, reservoir monitoring and modeling, stimulation, workovers, chemicals, CO2, environmental advances, and containment and response systems 

Marine Construction & Decommissioning: vessels and systems, pipelay and flowlines, platforms, subsea construction, marine transportation and installation, heavy lift, hookup and commissioning, structure removal, intervention, and workovers 

Nonfracturing Completions: modeling/simulation software, completion hardware and completion effectiveness monitoring (microseismic, tracers, etc.)

Onshore Rigs: pad drilling, mud pumps, power generators, top drives, rig equipment, BOPs, pipe handling and automation 

Subsea Systems: christmas trees, BOPs, tiebacks, manifolds, processing subsea isolation valves, SURF, pipelines, power supply and controls, ROVs/AUVs, inspection, repairs and maintenance, intervention, flow assurance, and metering and monitoring 

Water Management: treatment, produced water, flocculation, reverse osmosis, recycling, ultrafiltration, oxidation, storage, wastewater, metal removal and biocides