MEA Entry Process

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Step 1

For each submission, please provide:
  1. An Official Entry Form (REQUIRED).  See "Step 3: Send in your entry information" below for details on setting up your Judgify account to submit an MEA entry.
  2. One high-resolution image (REQUIRED)

Supporting Documents:

  • An abstract of 500 words or fewer describing the game-changing significance, technically and economically, of the entry (REQUIRED). Text should be copied and pasted from a Word document, not a PDF.
  • A case study of 500 words or fewer that describes the entry's use in one specific commercial application (REQUIRED). Text should be copied and pasted from a Word document, not a PDF.
  • One photo or illustration (REQUIRED)
  • Additional supporting documents such as text, photos, charts and graphs, illustrations or videos (OPTIONAL).

Please limit your optional submissions to a maximum of three items. Limit attachment sizes to 50 MB for each file upload.


  • Commercialization dates: Technologies from 2018 and beyond can be entered for MEA consideration.
  • The commercial application of a technology can be one not yet deployed.
  • Winners will be announced in early March and awarded in May at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. Winners are also announced via press release, on Hart Energy's website and get their technology featured in E&P magazine.

Step 2

Make sure your supporting documents are in an acceptable file format.
  • Text documents: Adobe Acrobat (preferred), MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, plain text.
  • Photos and illustrations: Adobe Acrobat (preferred), JPG, TIF, WMF, EPS
  • Videos (including animations): AVI, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime

Step 3

Send in your entry information.

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