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Deep Imaging Technologies


Hydraulic Fracturing: Catching up on FDIs

The industry continues its work on identifying and understanding fracture-driven interactions.

Better Together: Bring a Toolbox, Not Just a Screwdriver

The industry is saturated with terms like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are expected to solve any problem that might arise. These are powerful tools, but in the same way a power drill cannot build a deck, ML or AI alone will not be enough to build a larger solution to deeper industry issues. Materials, blueprints and builders are still necessary.

E&P Plus: Simultaneous Fluid Tracking During Completions Operations

A new and advanced workflow images fracturing fluid placement in real time.

E&P Plus: 2021 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Showcase

This special section highlights the latest hydraulic fracturing technologies and services from nearly 40 companies and how these tools aim to address operator challenges.

2020 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

An expert panel of judges has selected the top 25 industry projects that open new and better avenues to the complicated process of finding and producing hydrocarbons around the world.

Powder River Basin: In the Zone

E&Ps, some for the first time in years, are returning to what’s always been considered the hinge point for the Powder River Basin: the Niobrara Formation.

DUG Eagle Ford: Assets, Efficiency, Costs And Keys To Success

The first day of the DUG Eagle Ford conference and exhibition wrapped with a progression of topics ranging from spacing and efficiency to deals and capital. What will day two bring?

Deep Imaging Unveils Real-Time Fluid Tracking Solution

Deep Imaging’s Real-Time Fluid Tracking solution enables operators to see fracs happen and make adjustments in real-time to avoid costly setbacks, improve profitability.

Scratching The Subsurface

The oil and gas industry has come far in its understanding of the unconventional subsurface, but there is still much to learn about shale’s tightly kept secrets.