For much of the past decade, small, medium and large operators across North America have fine-tuned their hydraulic fracturing operations to develop more and more hydrocarbons while working to improve their efficiencies and, thus, their economics.

Unconventional development has undergone constant and consistent evolution since its emergence, peaking with the Shale Boom and cratering with the price collapse and demand destruction last year. Now operators are in a cash-first mindset, having moved on from production growth at all costs. These trends are occurring during a time when ESG efforts have taken priority. Indeed, this is not the shale industry of old, or not even of recency.

Hart Energy was joined by leaders of four major shale operators who shared their thoughts on the latest completion designs, what their operational plans are for the basins in which they operate and how recent acquisitions by each have enabled greater efficiencies and improved operations.

For this exclusive roundtable discussion, Hart Energy spoke with Gerry Torres, vice president of Permian completions with Pioneer Natural Resources; Rich Downey, vice president of drilling and completions with Devon Energy; Jeff Gustavson, vice president of the Midcontinent Business Unit with Chevron; and Eric Davis, global completions chief with ConocoPhillips.

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