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Proxy Vote Preview: Chevron, Hess and Guyana Uncertainty

Chevron Corp. stockholders will vote on May 28 and Hess’ stakeholders on May 29 on a $53 million combination that largely centers on Hess’ stake offshore Guyana.

Lathrop Survey: Oil Execs Favor Diversifying

Fewer companies expect to increase oil and gas production this year as many turn to renewables for growth opportunities.

Big Oil Enters 2024 Strengthened by Shale M&A

Following M&A in 2023, four companies are now positioned to control about 58% of future production in the Permian Basin.

Exxon Eyes Total Guyana Production of 620,000 bbld with Payara Startup

Exxon Mobil is eyeing gross production of 620,000 bbl/d offshore Guyana in the Stabroek Block in the first half of 2024 with the start-up of its third project Payara, which has a production capacity of 220,000 bbl/d.

Entry Level: Energy Companies Cautiously Deploy Generative AI

Assistants and chat bots are likely to be early generative AI technology entries into the industry.

Generative AI: From Detecting Faults to Dehydrated Workers, AI Infiltrates the Oil Patch

From the oil field to the back office, AI is helping the industry speed up workflows, improve worker safety and better maintain assets.

Hurricane Idalia Causes Minor Damage to Kinder Morgan Terminals, Prompts Chevron GoM Evacuation

Kinder Morgan on Aug. 30 said its Port Manatee, Port Sutton and Tampaplex terminals in Florida sustained minimal damage due to Hurricane Idalia, and that it was also planning to shut its Charleston area terminals later in the day.

US Drillers Cut Oil Rigs for Eighth Month in a Row: Baker Hughes

Oil rigs dropped to 529, the lowest since March 2022, and gas rigs fell to 128. 

Energy Transition in Motion (Week of July 7, 2023)

Here is a look at some of this week’s renewable energy news, including up to CA$15 billion in incentives offered by Canada to the Stellantis-LG Energy Solutions joint venture.

Energy Transition in Motion (Week of June 23, 2023)

Here is a look at some of this week’s renewable energy news, including a $9.2 billion DOE loan commitment for the Ford-SK On joint venture for EV batteries.

Chevron, MOECO Team Up to Explore Advanced Geothermal Technology

Chevron New Energies Japan and MOECO plan to carry out the advanced closed loop geothermal technology pilot test in the Niseko region of Hokkaido, Japan.

Chevron’s Unconventional Answers to Success

Chevron showcased its plans to safely deliver higher returns and lower its carbon footprint to attendees at URTeC.

A&D Minute: Pushing Through More Public-to-Public Deals [WATCH]

In this week's A&D Minute, Chevron acquires PDC Energy, Chord Energy pushes a deal forward with XTO Energy and Next Era Energy Partners sells its midstream assets.

E&Ps Continue Robust Buybacks Even as Commodity Prices Falter

Stock buybacks continue to be a robust part of energy companies’ capital-return-to-investors strategy which experts see as a sign of the industry’s maturity and move toward retiring large portions of its market share.

Santa Rita: The Centenarian Well that Put the Permian On the Map

The Midland Basin's Santa Rita was the oil well that should’ve been impossible, and sets the stage for the basin’s humble beginnings.