Liberty Oilfield Services Inc. has successfully completed the rigorous field testing of Liberty’s digiFrac electric pump, the company said on July 7. Developed by Liberty’s ST9 commercial equipment division, digiFrac is the industry’s first purpose-built fully integrated electric frac pump with high power density and significantly lower emissions relative to the best next generation frac technology available in the market.

Final field testing for digiFrac was completed on a three well pad with 24-hour operations for a large E&P partner in the Delaware Basin of West Texas. The digiFrac pump represented 10% of pumping capacity on location and affirmed confidence for commercial production. The system became Liberty’s preferred capacity for rate changes and adjustments with 0.1 barrel per minute micro control system ability during the completions.

The field test comes after three years of internal research and development resulting in the delivery of a state-of-the-art electric pump engineered for flexibility, from adaptable electric power sources to next generation equipment integration. The digiFrac platform will allow flexibility to incorporate electricity from central generation or the grid if available. The digiFrac pump will also anchor a fully electric frac fleet by integrating with Liberty’s existing electric wireline and backside equipment including blender, hydration, and sand handling, culminating in the industry’s first complete designed for purpose electric suite of frac technology.

“The successful development and field test of digiFrac is a milestone for the industry and reflects Liberty’s commitment to continued innovation in ESG technologies. When commercialized, digiFrac will represent the most advanced frac system available, allowing our customers to raise efficiency and control of their operations while lowering their emission profiles,” Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty, said.