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Universal Pressure Pumping


Encore of the Oil Patch

Underutilized to this point, refracking wells has proved itself effective in boosting oil recovery.

Maximum Extraction: Shale Development Enters a New Era

Digitization, electrification and refined chemistry shape the future of hydraulic fracturing.

Automatic for the People: Drillers Chase Consistency

Panelists at Hart Energy’s SUPER DUG conference emphasized automation’s ability to bring about much-needed reliability and consistency in the drilling space.

SUPER DUG: Universal Pressure Pumping Threads the Digital Needle [WATCH]

Universal Pressure Pumping's Jeff Beach sat down with Hart Energy's Jennifer Pallanich at SUPER DUG to talk about working towards threading the digital needle and the advantages of a dual-fuel system. 

E&P Tech Trends: Universal's Cementing Sector is Growing Rapidly - Here's Why [WATCH]

In this week's episode of Hart Energy LIVE's E&P Tech Trends, Hart Energy technology reporter Jaxon Caines explores the future of Universal's cementing business with director of cementing Deepak Khatri.

E&P Tech Trends: How Are Universal Pressure Pumping Next Gen Pumps Changing the Game? [WATCH]

On this week's episode of Hart Energy LIVE's E&P Tech Trends, senior technology editor Jennifer Pallanich talks to Universal Pressure Pumping's Akshay Sagar and Jeff Beach about the company's cleaner pumping practices.

Predictive Analysis Improves Environmental Impact, Optimizes Frac Performance

A new frac fluid optimization process uses an extensive database coupled with a simple but effective method of selecting appropriate friction reducers (FRs), thus equipping an operator with the proper pre-job analysis to choose the FR that best fits its cost structure and ESG initiatives.

Executive Q&A: Universal Pressure Pumping Head Talks Sustainable Oil Field

Akshay Sagar, president of Universal Pressure Pumping, recently joined Hart Energy’s Faiza Rizvi to discuss the company’s rig-based technologies helping to reduce emissions and meet ESG goals.

Sustainable Intelligent Chemistry from UPP Enhances Completion Efficiency

Under the current market conditions, it is easy to want to use the lowest cost per gallon chemistry that is available. However, when all factors are considered, paying more per gallon to utilize high-performance intelligent chemistry can lower well completion costs and improve completion efficiency while preserving freshwater natural resources.

E&P Plus Cover Story: Charting a New Course

Frac innovations accelerate financial and environmental sustainability efforts for the North American shale industry.

Reducing Opex With Dual Fuel Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Dual fuel operations deliver millions in saved diesel fuel costs.