I'm Jennifer Pallanich with Hart Energy LIVE's E&P Tech Trends, and I'm out in the field at Patterson UTI's "Customer Day" to learn about some of the technologies that are on offer.

Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Where are you guys going with some of the technologies that you're displaying today?

Akshay Sagar, president, Universal Pressure Pumping: Longer terms plan is to have everything which is driven by a 100% natural gas. That's the major trend in the industry, which again helps with emissions. It's the general trend in the macro where we wanna be much more clean as a business, as an industry. Now being instrumented with real-time transmission back to our remote center here in Houston where we can run the equipment, manage it, optimize it and then keep iterating on it from a remote center - consider it like an autopilot on the oil field industry platform.

JP: And so one of the things I wanted to know is how is the next gen pump different from what's already available?

AS: Half the footprint, half the number of people, half the number of vehicles driven. So lots of positives on the environment, on HSE [health, safety and environment] and just overall efficiency and cost. And thirdly, it is fully automated and enabled with our digital platform. So it brings all those pieces together for a much more effective fracturing operation.

Jeff Beach, senior vice president of sales & marketing, Universal Pressure Pumping: So that pump at the end of the unit is rated to 2,500 hydraulic horsepower. With the turbine units, you pair it with a 5,000 hydraulic horsepower unit. So now you've doubled, effectively doubled the hydraulic horsepower per unit. So we can, as actually was talking about, we've now shrunk our location profile in half, which that has cost benefits for the customers. There's HSE benefits, less people that there's a potential for risk or to get hurt so that all these bound benefits compound positively.

And that's Hart Energy LIVE's E&P Tech Trends with me, Jennifer Pallanich. Every Tuesday, we'll drill into the tech that fuels the oil patch.

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