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Manhattan Institute for Policy Research Inc.


The Manhattan Institute is a free-market think tank (501(c)3) based in New York City. For more than 40 years, the Manhattan Institute has been an important force in shaping American political culture. We have supported and publicized research on our era's most challenging public policy issues: taxes, welfare, crime, the legal system, urban life, race, education, and many other topics. We have won new respect for market-oriented policies and helped make reform a reality.

Editor's note: Updated June 27, 2019.

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New York, NY 10017
United States

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Special Report: The Physics Limits Of Green Dreams

A scientific “miracle” will have to happen in order for the world to achieve a new energy economy.

Batteries Cannot Save The Grid Or The Planet

The dream of a battery-centric energy supply is seductive, but the reality is that proponents of such a transformation misunderstand the capabilities and limitations of battery technology.

Debunking The New Energy Economy

While a groundswell rises worldwide to replace hydrocarbons with renewable energies—and sooner rather than later—do physical realities support such a revolutionary change to energy domains? The short answer is no.

Peak Oil Demand

The world is embarking on a low-carbon diet, but does this herald the end of the oil age? It’s complicated.

Petroleum Détente: OPEC Makes Peace With Shale

While many second-tier producers struggle with the effects of added U.S. crude supply, the big three make common cause.