New software integrates engineering planning with geoscience data for optimal well path designs.

CGG GeoSoftware has collaborated with Alibaba Cloud to successfully deploy its suite of proprietary geoscience software solutions on…

The new wide-azimuth datasets will provide a better understanding of the structural complexity of the transition between the CBP and…

Planned to start in early 2020, the survey has already received significant industry interest and is being prefunded in part by BP.…

This achievement builds on previous 4-D seismic processing projects undertaken for BP Angola.


Integrate a unique resource of rich geological data into your workflows for faster, better-informed decisions when evaluating E&P opportunities.

Graham Spence, technical manager with CGG’s Reservoir Americas group, explains how CGG’s innovative geostatistical inversion solution is not only bringing additional subsurface insight in the Permian Basin, it has become a new benchmark in seismic inversion technologies for CGG’s clients.