Today‘s operators need efficient digital access to all available data for easy incorporation into their exploration and evaluation workflows for better and faster business decisions. When data is dispersed in de-centralized databases and non-standardized legacy formats, it makes searching for and incorporating the right geological information into a workflow very time-consuming, wasting valuable hours that could be better spent analyzing data and using it for evaluations. 

An Integrated E&P Database

CGG has responded to this need by recently completing an ambitious multi-year project to digitally transform its treasure trove of more than fifty years of diverse geological data, stored in a wide range of legacy formats, into a centralized, highly accessible digital database that maximizes its value for today’s industry needs. This recently launched database, GeoVerse™, now makes the full wealth of CGG’s multi-client geological data, stretching back over five decades, available through a single pipeline, ready for any software or platform, with multiple Cloud delivery options.

The GeoVerse project was no small undertaking. Dating as far back as 1973, the library of data existed in numerous different forms, most of which were not easily transferrable to a single platform. Aware of the scale of the challenge, CGG mobilized a team of expert geoscience and data scientists to develop a structured taxonomy and ontology system that would democratize all the existing data from more than 600 geological studies and a diverse suite of current subscription products and databases.

Consistent Content Formats

CGG began by digitizing tens of thousands of pages of unstructured data in the form of PDFs and text documents, large volume of datasets in different file formats and numerous subsurface images and models, before transforming this wealth of information into a common data model. This would give users access to one digital pipeline that would be easily searchable for incorporation of the right data into any platform for immediate analysis.

The process involved extracting, transforming and loading all input sources and then using machine-learning techniques to expedite the digitalization process and validate all transformed data. Priority was given to data integrity, rather than the front-end interface, and ensuring platform-agnostic data to accommodate any preferred software package.

Screenshot illustrating global data density in a GeoVerse dashboard (based on TIBCO Spotfire* technology).

A Future-Proof Resource

The resulting next-generation database offers easy access to CGG’s full suite of geological multi-client data that covers virtually all geological and geoscience disciplines. This includes all of CGG’s legacy Robertson multi-client geoscience data and, most notably, 50 years of its highly prized Robertson “Red Book” Studies. All of this data is now available in a single format ready for analytics or incorporation into other workflows, together with access to the content of CGG’s current exploration-focused geoscience database products and tools, such as Robertson Basin & Plays, Robertson Geochemistry, and Robertson Predictions. The GeoVerse database is also being constantly enriched by the addition of new data sources, both from the public domain and new geoscience projects, with all data enhanced by a unique attribution process across the full scope of the database. Having all this information at your fingertips reduces E&P cycle time. Geoscientists across the E&P workflow can now spend far less time searching for and coordinating data and more time interpreting and extracting its value.

Columbia case study: Integrating geological, geochemical, and well data using GeoVerse.

Multiple Options to Access the Data you Need

GeoVerse brings global geology coverage to your desktop with uniquely rich, multi-disciplinary data from all of the world’s hydrocarbon basins, and three access models to the data, to ensure you have what is needed to support your E&P workflows:

  • GeoVerse Primary Data provides access through the Cloud to the digitally transformed database derived from the full suite of CGG’s geological multi-client products, including a legacy of 600 Robertson “Red Book” Studies, which are added to on a continuous basis with new studies targeted at addressing today's emerging exploration challenges.
  • GeoVerse Interpretation is a next-generation play fairway mapping product for selected key basins, generated by geoscience teams that created the legacy Tellus/Basins & Plays products. Built using full access to GeoVerse Primary data, CGG’s Seismic data, JumpStart™ fully integrated multi-client geoscience packages and CGG GeoWells products, the new mapping incorporates consistent play-level map layers, new mapping methodologies, and unrivaled flexibility.
  • GeoVerse Palaeospace provides access to CGG’s deformable global plate model and the results of high-level modeling that provide Earth Systems Dynamics and methodologies for predicting petroleum system elements. Access to GeoVerse Palaeospace provides rich global map products and the ability to evaluate geological data in its original geometric context.

Choose GeoVerse to Develop New Opportunities

For faster, better-informed decisions, GeoVerse brings the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience database right to your desktop – organized intuitively, delivered seamlessly, and, most importantly, analytics-ready for you to use on any software platform.

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*TIBCO Spotfire is a registered trademark of TIBCO Software Inc. in the United States and other countries.