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B3 Insight is building the definitive source for water data. We empower smart water management with data-driven intelligence for responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. Customers evaluate assets, enhance operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, allocate capital, and benchmark performance while saving significant time, investment, and resources. In today's ever-changing, data-driven business, our commitment to information quality remains the principal focus creating the utmost confidence in data.

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 17, 2021.

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B3 Insight Releases Louisiana Oilfield Water Management Dataset

B3 Insight’s new oilfield water management dataset for Louisiana complements the company’s existing datasets for other states, including Texas and New Mexico.

Texas RRC Weighs Earthquake Curbs on Another Swath of Permian Disposal Wells

The ban has West Texas oil producers in the Permian Basin looking for ways to reduce wastewater injections that could raise costs. Solutions include recycling the wastewater or piping and trucking it elsewhere.

ESG Opportunity for Water Management Emerges in Permian Basin

B3 Insight's Oilfield Water Stewardship Council aims to establish industry-endorsed ESG reporting standards for oil and gas industry water management.

B3 Insight Launches New Oilfield Water ESG Council

Founding Members of the council include EagleClaw Midstream, Pioneer Natural Resources and H2O Midstream, among others.

E&P Plus Cover Story: Keeping the Flow

Water management faces challenges and opportunities as the industry recovers.

Executive Oil Conference Water Spotlight: Moving H2O with B3 Insight

As completions declined in 2020, so went demand for frac water. But wells that were still online didn’t stop producing it. Here’s the latest on H2O availability, recycling and disposal as operators begin to ramp back up.

Looking Downstream for Signs of Shale Recovery

Energy experts discuss market recovery for shale players and water dynamics.

E&P Last Word: Permian’s Promised Growth Could Come Down to Drops, Not Barrels

Creative approaches to water management are helping shift the production paradigm in the Permian Basin.

Bringing Balance To E&P Water Demands

Rapid growth continues in the water midstream space.

Anadarko Basin’s Wastewater, Frac Sand Woes

Oil and gas experts examine current practices to better mitigate water-related issues in the Anadarko Basin. Meanwhile, direct-sourcing sand gains ground.

DUG Midcontinent: Technical Panel On Water & Sand  

Experts in sourcing proppant and completion water as well as in produced-water recycling and disposal describe current best practices and challenges in the Midcontinent.

Consolidation Coming In Midstream Water Space

Analysts see headwinds leading to fewer water players in the Permian Basin region going forward.

Consolidating Permian Water

The market’s biggest challenges—scale and consolidation—are also its biggest necessities.

Oilfield Water Intelligence Helps Water Midstream Sector Find Solutions

With roots in oil and gas, one company aims to turn water data into high-value solutions to answer big questions.

The Permian Water Management Future: Consolidated, Efficient Systems

The market’s biggest challenges—scale and consolidation—are also its biggest necessities, according to B3 Insight’s Kelly Bennett.