Texas RRC Weighs Earthquake Curbs on Another Swath of Permian Disposal Wells

The ban has West Texas oil producers in the Permian Basin looking for ways to reduce wastewater injections that could raise costs. Solutions include recycling the wastewater or piping and trucking it elsewhere.

Liz Hampton, Reuters

A new area under watch by the Texas oil regulator could impact wells responsible for disposing about 270,000 bbl/d of saltwater from oil and gas operations, according to data and analytics firm B3 Insight.

Regulators this month classified a swath of the Permian basin as a so-called “Seismic Response Area” (SRA) after a magnitude 4.2 earthquake hit 11 miles north of Stanton, Texas. Regulators previously identified two other SRAs following an uptick in tremors in the largest U.S. oil-producing region.

In December, regulators suspending permits for 33 disposal wells across four oil-producing counties around Midland, Texas.

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