B3 Insight has released an oilfield water management dataset for the state of Louisiana, spanning fresh and produced water data, injection and land data, production and reserve pits, offshore blocks and wildlife management areas.

More than 10,000 injection wells, 2.5 million land parcel records and 200,000 freshwater wells are included, as well as a production site dataset with historical produced water delivery records.

The dataset is currently available on B3’s OilfieldH20 Platform and complements existing datasets for Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

These datasets allow B3 customers to visualize the journey of produced water from its beginning—where it was produced—to its end—where it was disposed of. They are available for operators and midstream service providers as tools for oilfield water management so they can make informed decisions on water usage, costs and efficiency optimization.

B3 Insight is a U.S. data and analytics solution provider for oilfield water management and decision-making.