Shale 2022 report by Hart Energy

Shale 2022

In 2022 unconventional development is poised to return to pre-COVID-19 production levels while generating billions of dollars in free cash flow and substantial returns to shareholders. While the shale industry of the past is receding in the rearview mirror, ahead is a new, cleaner, more profitable landscape that will ensure the shale industry will remain a key player in the new energy mix.
This Shale 2022 report includes profiles on the top 40 U.S. shale players, a production forecast, a review of the latest carbon management and completions technologies, midstream trends and natural gas updates. 

Shale 2022 Analyst Perspective: US Tight Oil’s Uncharacteristic Response to Rising Prices

The run-up in oil price is an important test for the U.S. shale sector, and so far, it’s passing with flying colors. But what are the macro trends shaping the near-term trajectory of U.S. tight oil?

Shale 2022 Completion Tech: Frac Efficiencies Continue to Help Drive Down Costs

Major oilfield service companies continue to push out leading-edge technologies in U.S. shale. Here’s a roundup of the latest advancements for the year ahead.

Shale 2022: A New Era

The unconventional oil and gas industry enters a new era of disciplined growth and responsible sourcing.

Shale 2022: Changing Role of Gas Improves Prospects for Drillers

Between high-return—and stabilized— pricing and the role it is likely to play in the future, natural gas’ place in the energy mix is quickly growing.

Shale 2022: Long-term Planning Paying Off for Midstream Operators

By staying the course, midstream operators with assets in top U.S. shale plays are not only surviving but thriving as 2022 unfolds. 

Shale 2022: Sector Embraces Carbon Management

Technologies and investments are helping service companies and operators in the shale sector meet emissions reduction goals.

Shale 2022: Top 40 US Shale Players

Hart Energy highlights the latest activity details from the supermajors, public and private companies that lead U.S. shale production.