Shale 2022: Sector Embraces Carbon Management

Technologies and investments are helping service companies and operators in the shale sector meet emissions reduction goals.

Deon Daugherty, Contributor
Shale 2022: Sector Embraces Carbon Management

(Source: Hart Energy /

Oil and gas companies must operate today in an evolving environment that demands they provide energy to power the world, turn a profit for their shareholders and do it all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Shale players are increasingly meeting the energy transition with a fundamental shift in their business models to incorporate—and in some instances, embrace—carbon management and the technology necessary to reduce their emissions.

Shareholders in public companies and investors in small and large firms continue to ratchet up the pressure on shale producers to align with the Paris Accord, which set an ambitious goal of capping global warming to about 34.7 F (1.5 C).

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