Midstream Business Magazine - May/June 2018

Cover Story

The Midstream 50: Big Jumps In The Rankings

Its Spectra acquisition vaulted Enbridge to the top of the chart. Boosted by booming LNG exports, Cheniere Energy warped higher by 30 places.

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: What’s The Buzz?

So what do I like about conferences? They provide a great opportunity to get a feel for what’s going on out there in the oil patch.


Changing Times

Two new events offer up-close views of the changing energy industry.

Corpus Christi’s Heyday Looms

Efforts to make the “Sparkling City by the Sea” the next big midstream spot for exports are underway.

Marketing In Mexico

The energy reforms opened retail sales to competition—creating further opportunities to expand Mexico’s limited midstream infrastructure.

Onsite Verification

Mobile technology aids work site confirmation of worker training.

Pipeline Construction Requires Effective Social Communication

Earning the social license to complete a successful pipeline project requires the strategic tool of telling your story.

The Environmental Fight

Fundraising is among the three ways the environmental movement is attacking the industry.

The Interview: New Play, New Player

They say the best place to find new oil and gas reserves is where hydrocarbons already have been found. That’s certainly the case with southeastern Oklahoma’s Arkoma Basin.

Alerian Index

FERC Ruling: Separating Facts From Fears

Myths surround FERC’s income tax ruling and its impact on MLPs.

Finance Matters

Seeking A New Normal

Midstream MLPs need to find a new normal.

NGL Frac Spread

Bullish Outlook For NGL

NGL price and production are primed for a growth spurt, says Raymond James.

Transaction Update

Full Access

Wolf Midstream buys up the stake in the Access Pipeline that it didn’t already own.