Degradable diverter offers another option in zonal isolation and diversion.

E&P Magazine - February 2016

Degradable diverter offers another option in zonal isolation and diversion.

As I See It

Delayed Production Means Only One Winner

With analysts vying to pronounce ever-gloomier predictions, beyond the decimated spending plans lurks a seemingly ever-present fact of life.

Cover Story

Maintaining Well Productivity With Effective Multistage Refracturing

Degradable diverter offers another option in zonal isolation and diversion.

Slowdown Allows Industry To Get Back To Basic Science

What the industry is going through now is healthy, albeit painful. Companies can focus on what technologies are best for each play.

World View

Leading With Lean: Hess Increases Efficiency, Lowers Costs

Through a radical shift in thinking, the company finds that success is repeatable with its ‘army of problem solvers.’

Industry Pulse

Delivering Effective Commercialization

Aligning horizons across R&D organizations will enable successful commercialization and deployment.

Market Intelligence

A Permian Basin Primer

Although Permian Basin oil services work has held up better than other markets, contractors in all service lines foresee tougher conditions in 2016.

Exploration Technologies

Keep It Simple, Stupid

What might the next-generation marine vibrator include? Try a servo motor and a radial tire.

Drilling Technologies

Too Much Supply, Not Enough Demand Will Drive 2016 E&P Spending

The average U.S. onshore rig count will fall by 29% in 2016 and will exit the year at 660 rigs.

Completions and Production

Another Piece Placed In The Production Puzzle

A field trial of a new artificial lift approach delivers promising results in the Mississippi Lime play.

Offshore Advances

Storm Clouds Gather Over UKCS

Iona has become the first casualty of 2016, but many more North Sea companies are under threat from the plummeting oil price.

Special Report

A Safe License To Operate

The safety of E&P employees is the top priority.

Digital Solutions

Trout Fishing And Automation

They actually have a lot in common.

Shale Solutions

Higher Level Of Perforating Safety And Efficiency

New perforating system greatly reduces the threat of a misfire.

Offshore Solutions

Shift In Downhole Sand Control

Hydraulic screen technology efficiently completes sand-plagued wells.

Operator Solutions

Single Bit/BHA Drilling In Eagle Ford Wells Reduces Time, Costs

The bit was designed to drill the tangent, curve and lateral sections in one run.


Adding Value Through Reprocessing, Facies-based Inversion

Despite having little well data, a new workflow shows continued promise in the Carnarvon Basin.

Addressing Artificial Lift Predicaments

The challenge is to get more with less.

Back To The Future For Subsea Control Fluids

As the boundaries of subsea operations continue to be pushed, one question to be asked is ‘Should we be looking back to the future for the next generation of subsea control fluids?’

Battle Ahead For UK North Sea

Oil & Gas UK warns of tough times ahead for the North Sea, but projects due to come onstream offer a glimmer of hope.

Bringing Seabed Processing Into Mainstream

The subsea processing industry is at a pivotal point as it transitions from mostly niche ‘oneoff’ projects to mainstream field developments, where its value is now largely accepted.

Driving From Downhole

The 15% savings that PMMs offer over induction motors translates to a staggering potential cost savings in the region of $1.5 billion to $2 billion a year if there was universal adoption.

Fluid Conditioner, HPDE Cut Lubricant Costs, Improve ROP

Using a fluid conditioner and applying HPDE through a steady stream, an operator in the Bakken experienced reduced motor wear and used only one bit to drill a 3,201-m Three Forks lateral.

Interactive Rock Physics In Multiwell Studies

Modeling combinations can be presented in an interactive way to other geoscientists while keeping the rock model fundamentals untouched.

Latest In A Venerable Line

The drillship has been and remains a versatile vessel design that has proved itself an integral part of the E&P industry’s adventure into deeper waters since Global Marine’s converted CUSS 1 first entered the scene in the late 1950s.

Leveraging A Down Market To Improve Company Fundamentals

Industry slowdown provides the time needed to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

New-age Approach To An Age-old Problem

A novel surfactant/oxidant system provides a single-step treatment for oil-based filter-cake removal.

Piney Woods Gusher

The East Texas oil boom first bloomed near Mrs. Bradford’s garden in 1930.

Unconventional Report

Quest For Success In Vaca Muerta

Like in many shale plays around the world, players interested in the Vaca Muerta Formation must overcome steep learning curves and find adequate financing. But the prize is there.

Tech Watch

Making The Connection

Infrared system provides an inside look at tubular connections.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

This section lists some of the latest technology trends.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

International Highlights: Current Projects and Other Global Developments

On The Move

On The Move

On The Move: this section lists new hires, promotions and retirements as well as new company offices/facilities.