The industry’s occupational safety record has improved greatly in recent years, with standards, processes, training, equipment and materials constantly evolving. An estimated 1.5 million people are engaged in oil and gas E&P activities around the world.

Recent analysis of annual company data and reports by DNV GL show a tenfold reduction in reportable incidents per 200,000 man hours over the last 20 to 30 years when lost-time injuries are excluded.

DNV GL noted organizations such as the International Regulators Forum along with industry bodies such as the American Petroleum Institute, Norwegian Oil & Gas Association, International Association of Drilling Contractors and the classification societies take an active role in sharing information and trends that help improve global safety. The new OGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) 456 Recommended Practice on process safety is another recent example of
such collaborative efforts.

Having the best available equipment, training, clothing and accessories to help protect employees makes these safety improvements possible. On the following pages, a sampling is provided of companies and their products that enable operators and service providers to employ best industry practices in their pursuit of exemplary safety records.

Editor’s note: The copy herein is contributed from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy.

Footwear prevents chafing and offers comfort, slip resistance
Ansell has released its DuraPro footwear that provides workers’ safety and comfort through many product features. These include a sloped comfort top rim that prevents chafing and reduces discomfort when walking, bending and kneeling; a 360-degree pull tab for easy donning; a larger circumference at the top that makes it quick and easy to pull the boot on; superior shock absorption, support and comfort from the specially designed DuraPro insole; a honeycomb design molded inside the heel to reduce impact when walking; an ergonomically designed foot-bed to provide better underfoot support; and protective bumpers at the rear of the boot to prevent premature wear/puncture.

Women’s work wear features moisture management
Ariat provides Western apparel that now includes flame-resistant (FR) work wear for women. The company has released its first Ariat Work FR line specifically designed for women with premium technology and safety features for hazardous work environments as well as style, fit and comfort. Similar to its male counterpart, the Ariat FR Polartec Powerstretch Jacket for women features permanent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2112 and NFPA 70E flame resistance, greater arm mobility and moisture management technology to keep workers cool and dry. Ariat also made specific design choices that flatter every body type and help avoid the look of traditional boxy work wear. The jacket also provides a dual-hazard compliant fabric.

Flame-resistant shirt increases wearer mobility
The Bulwark iQ Series Comfort Woven flame-resistant shirt is designed to increase comfort and performance. As light as sportswear, the iQ Comfort Woven shirt increases wearer mobility through functional design elements like stretch-woven mobility panels on the back and full-side seam gussets. Concealed and side-zip Napoleon pockets also provide extra storage. The shirt is National Fire Protection Association 2112 compliant.

FR jeans provide dual-hazard protection
Carhartt FR is designed to help keep crew protected and comfortable. Carhartt’s new flame-resistant (FR) Rugged Flex jeans’ stretch technology provides for ease of movement and dual-hazard protection. The pants’ traditional fit sits at the waist with a slim seat and thigh. The arc-resistant button closure at the waist and the brass zipper fly with Nomex FR zipper tape provide complete FR protection. This product is made of 12.5-oz. FR denim and is 99% cotton and 1% spandex. Other features include triple-stitched main seams and two back pockets. The garment is washed for a soft finish. This meets the performance requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E and is UL classified to NFPA 2112.

FR protection cannot be worn away or washed out
DragonWear offers a full line of comfortable flame-resistant (FR) performance work wear based on a unique layering system that allows for quick adjustments for activity level and changes in environment. The FR properties of the fabrics utilized are not chemically treated but are inherent within the fiber, which means protection cannot be worn away or washed out. DragonWear’s new FR and arc-rated Cold Warrior convertible balaclava protects against punishing temperatures and the hazards of the job. The top has high/low interior grid construction that maximizes warmth yet promotes breathability, while the bottom has a wind-resistant outer surface with a lofted fleece interior to retain body heat. The company’s Elements flak jacket is a fusion of Polartec’s Wind Pro and the new patented HardFace FR fabrics. This garment provides weather protection and rugged usability. This dual-hazard hooded hybrid has CAT 2 protection and combines the best features of a versatile hooded outer layer with a built-in fleece balaclava. The jacket is designed to transition a worker through the daily hazards of the job to the most rigorous off-duty adventure.

Company offers variety of safety courses
EnerSafe boasts that it uses the best talent in the industry and the latest learning conventions to deliver an outstanding training experience. The company’s trainers are certified professionals who can provide a variety of safety courses. They specialize in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) courses based on ANSI z390.1; these include an H2S initial course, H2S refresher course, H2S man-down training drills and the new PEC H2S end-user training as well as respirator fitting. EnerSafe teaches confined space, fire safety and core courses including back safety; bloodborne pathogens; electrical safety; Globally Harmonized System/hazard communication; incident investigation/workers’ comp; personal protective equipment and respiratory safety as well as slip, trip and fall (working surfaces) training. Additionally, equipment safety services include excavation/trenching safety and man-lift safety as well as crane, forklift, backhoe and trackhoe safety courses.

Foot-warming pack for workers on the cold shift
Ergodyne has released the N-Ferno Disposable Foot Warmer (Model 6995). This one-size-fits-all foot-warming pack helps workers do their job well and comfortably at any indoor or outdoor jobsite where the thermometer knows only one reading: cold. The foot warmer’s all-natural ingredients heat up quickly as soon as they come in contact with oxygen and can warm feet for up to 7 hours. Plus, they can be sealed in a plastic bag and reused the next day.

Gas detection monitor communicates alarm status in real time
GDS Corp.’s GDS-58NXP Sample Draw Monitor provides highly reliable gas detection, easy installation and maintenance, and an ultrabright color screen that communicates alarm status in real time. The GDS-58NXP includes a GASMAX CX gas monitor, sample pump, visual flowmeter and low-flow warning switch in a single convenient package. The GDS-58NXP can be installed up to 152 m (500 ft) from HVAC air ducts, sumps, cabinets and other hard-to-access locations, eliminating the need to install sensors in hard-to-reach, hard-to-calibrate or easy-to-forget areas. The GDS-58NXP Sample Draw Monitor can detect one or two gases simultaneously and features standard 4-20mA output as well as RJ-45 Ethernet with MODBUS/TCP and a built-in web server. Relays and dual serial MODBUS also are available.

Gas detectors pack new technology into small footprint
Honeywell’s BW Technologies portable gas detectors are designed to keep workers safe and productive. In addition to the characteristic canary-yellow housing, these detectors have many distinguishable features: compact size; simple-to-use, one-button operation; reliable performance in extreme environments; and affordability in both single-gas and multigas formats. Recently, many technological innovations have been built into this detector line by Honeywell’s global engineering team. Depending on model, choices might include extended battery runtime; high-performance oxygen sensors; IntelliFlash visual compliance check; and compatibility with IntelliDox instrument management system for extremely quick bump tests, bump test tracking, adjustable set points and more. The BW Clip is a new single-gas detector that delivers up to three years of personal protection with no need for calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. GasAlertMicroClip X3 is a new four-gas monitor that features an all-new oxygen sensor with a five-year life expectancy, an ingress protection rating of 68 for multigas units and a three-year warranty.

Docking station maintains, monitors gas detectors
The DSX Docking Station is a new gas detector maintenance and record-keeping station from Industrial Scientific. The DSX easily maintains the gas detectors that keep people safe in hazardous oil and gas environments. The docking station is designed to ensure that instruments are always ready for use without the burden of manual bump testing and maintenance routines. Users no longer need to worry about calibration gas; the DSX monitors and orders replacement gas
cylinders when needed. Users can effortlessly manage fleet, data and software updates from any web-enabled device.

FR clothing for the modern working woman
LAPCO FR has released its new ladies flame-resistant (FR) clothing line, which includes FR Advanced Comfort Uniform shirts and pants and FR Classic Fit and Modern Fit jeans, made to fit and flatter all women. Women can have safety on the job without the inconvenience of wearing men’s or unisex-sized uniforms. All are available in misses and women’s sizes. All items in the line are UL classified to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2112 and ASTM F1506 and are compliant with NFPA 70E to meet the needs of women in various industrial fields.

FR denim fabrics mimic everyday denim
Safety, comfort and ease of movement are critical for today’s workers, and comfortable flame-resistant (FR) denim is increasingly becoming workers’ fabric of choice. Westex by Milliken’s new Westex Indigo offering features FR denim fabrics for FR denim jeans and work shirts that provide flash fire and arc flash hazard protection. The Westex Indigo denim line includes a range of weights, constructions and shades in 100% cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends matching the comfort and styling of everyday casual wear. The Westex Indigo line also features FR denim flex fabrics to enable workers to move, bend and climb freely as their job requires. The result is safety, comfort and ease of movement to help workers be as productive and as safe as possible.

Portable gas detector designed to save time, calibration gas
The ALTAIR 2X line of portable gas detectors from MSA offers the first one- or two-gas detector that incorporates XCell sensor technology. Stability, accuracy, repeatability and fast response have characterized the MSA XCell sensors. The ALTAIR 2X Platform delivers unparalleled performance while drastically minimizing total cost of ownership, increasing durability and delivering enhanced worker safety, compliance and traceability. Built with XCell Pulse Technology, this platform includes the new ALTAIR 2XP Detector, which introduces the world’s first standalone bump test that does not require calibration accessories or bottled gas to complete a daily bump test. Workers will spend less time at the bump station, which means less down time, giving them more time to be productive.

Software collects, analyzes safety data
SafetyNet is a leading safety management system for saving lives by predicting workplace injuries. The Safety Net system helps users collect and analyze safety data, enabling them to predict and prevent injuries. It is the only software solution in the world that can answer the question, “Will I have an incident tomorrow?”

Gloves offer impact protection for hand safety
Ringers Gloves, provider of hand safety solutions for the oil and gas industry, has expanded its light-to-medium-duty product lines to heighten dexterity for certain tasks and applications. The R-160 and R-161 gloves address the needs of mechanics, supervisors and technicians who need to stay compliant by wearing a glove with impact protection but also need to be able to get into limited spaces without sacrificing protection.

Training employees on how to use, wear safety products
SRP Environmental safety consultants provide active training so employees will be able to properly utilize the safety skills learned in a real-world setting while meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety training mandates. The company offers HSE training to educate both employers and employees. The certified safety training instructors use a combination of audiovisual presentations and equipment to produce real-life on-the-job scenarios and hands-on real-life situations to provide each individual with a better understanding of safety on and off the job.

Antimicrobial and odor protection for clothes, equipment
Microbes such as bacteria and fungi thrive in moist conditions like boots, gloves or under work uniforms. Commonly found microbes on industrial sites or in industrial living quarters include athlete’s foot, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. SRP SilverClean uses its patented SilverClean technology to provide antimicrobial and odor protection to socks, t-shirts and towels. This is accomplished by harnessing the antimicrobial power of nano silver. SilverClean products continuously kill microbes at the source and are ideal when laundering services aren’t readily available or when working in unsanitary conditions.

Boots provide underfoot comfort and are easily removable
Steel Blue boasts that its Argyle Zip boot is one of the safest and most comfortable boots available. Getting in and out of boots is easy with the conveniently located zip release. Steel Blue boots offer superior underfoot comfort with their patented Tri-Sole Comfort Technology. The company claims that the boots reduce fatigue and lost-time injuries while increasing employee productivity. Breaking in isn’t needed. The company offers a wear trial, with a 60-day 100% comfort guarantee.

Tool provides real-time wireless communication
Sunnyside Supply’s Spotter Buddy can reduce injury to workers and damage to equipment as it allows the spotter and driver to communicate in the field along with keeping the spotter out of the dangerous pinch zone. The product comprises a transmitter and a receiver. The drivers will have a portable receiver box mounted to their mirror frame with a red light and audible to signal the driver to stop, a green light that allows the driver to back up slowly, and right and left turn signal arrows. The spotter will have a transmitter with a button pad that will send radio frequency signals to the driver’s receiver box. The spotter will engage an emergency stop switch (ESS) on the transmitter, which will activate the green light on the driver’s receiver box. If the spotter were to fall, the transmitter would disengage the ESS and activate the red stop light/beeper on the driver’s receiver box, signaling the driver to stop.

Choosing the correct hand protection
More than 60% of injuries reported by oil and gas workers occur to the hand. According to the latest data from the National Safety Council, the average cost of a single hand injury is $21,918 (for both indemnity and medical costs). Since most “general purpose” gloves won’t fully protect hands against all types of hazards, workers should choose gloves that are specifically designed for the oil and gas industry and its corresponding risks—such as one of Superior Glove’s many TenActiv anti-impact

Portable measurement device provides traceability of torqued connections
Thru Tubing Solutions’ (TTS) E-Wrench is a portable torque measurement device designed to ensure threaded connections are torqued to spec. Incorporating a jaw-locking mechanism to secure the E-Wrench to the tools being torqued reduces the number of required personnel near the wellhead. TTS designed the E-Wrench to reduce the exposure of personnel working under overhead loads, to provide traceability of every torqued connection and to provide accuracy, thus reducing the risk of damaging tool joints and/or leaving a fish downhole.

FRC repels insects
Biting insects present a significant challenge for outdoor oil and gas workers. Complicating the issue, many insect repellents are flammable and should never be used with flame-resistant clothing (FRC). Tyndale offers exclusive FRMC (flame-resistant modacrylic cotton) garments with durable Perimeter Insect Guard, a nonflammable repellent that is safe for use with FRC and repels insects for 50-plus launderings. Perimeter technology has been used by the U.S. Army for more than 20 years and as standard issue for the Marines since 2007. It’s approved and recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a safe and effective method of preventing insect-transmitted diseases.

Gloves help reduce hand injuries prevalent in oil, gas environments
Wells Lamont Industrial, a U.S. manufacturer of hand and arm protection, has released the FlexTech I2459, an ANSI Cut Level 5 palm-dipped impact glove. The I2459 provides an extra level of protection to the back of the hand and fingers. The soft and flexible thermal plastic rubber pads protect hands from impacts and blows. Additionally, the sandy nitrile palm coating enables a firm grip in wet and oily applications. Manufactured using a unique blend of high-performance fibers and stainless steel, the glove delivers protection in a form-fitting, comfortable machine-knit shell. Made to withstand repeated wear, the I2459 stands up to the harsh conditions of oil and gas, mining, and heavy construction. Its orange pads promote greater hand visibility compared to competitive styles. I2459 is available in sizes small to XXL.

Ultralightweight FR clothing offers more comfort
Workrite Uniform Co. Inc. has released its flame-resistant (FR) product line featuring 5.3-oz. GlenGuard fabric. The new Workrite FR GlenGuard 5.3 line offers one of the lightest-weight category 2 fabrics available. Produced by Glen Raven, the GlenGuard fabric offers an arc thermal performance value of 9.5 cal/cm2 and is UL certified to National Fire Protection Association 2112. This new line aims to increase wearer compliance by providing an unprecedented level of comfort and protection. “Unfortunately, some FR garments can be heavy or cumbersome, prompting workers to increase their comfort level by rolling up their sleeves or untucking their shirts––exposing them to greater risk or injury,” said Mark Saner, Workrite Uniform technical manager. The new Workrite FR line includes coveralls, shirts and pants in a variety of colors. The garments also offer moisture management, durability and exceptional colorfastness.

FR jeans offer comfort, durability and protection
Wrangler has released the Wrangler Flame-resistant (FR) Advanced Comfort jeans, the newest extension of the brand’s performance apparel featuring four-way flex technology. Wrangler partnered with Westex by Milliken to engineer the Wrangler FR Advanced Comfort jeans. Milliken provided the latest advancements in FR fabric development with Westex Indigo, a new line of denim. The fabric, which is made of a unique blend of fibers designed to increase mobility, durability and comfort, allows workers to be productive while exceeding FR requirements from protection agencies. The Wrangler FR Advanced Comfort jeans feature “room2move” technology in a regular and relaxed fit with gusseted construction, reinforced back pockets for increased durability and extra-deep front pockets for added functionality. The Wrangler FR Advanced Comfort jeans will be available in March 2016.