Prolonging the Profitability of Mature Fields

E&P Magazine - November 2015

Prolonging the Profitability of Mature Fields

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After a year spent largely hearing about cost-cutting, it is heart-warming to get back to learning about some emerging upstream technologies and to hear about fresh investment in innovation.

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Brand New Pay

Prolonging the Profitability of Mature Fields

New Array Pulsed Neutron Technology Improves Gas Recovery Offshore Italy

Tool can be used in mature and producing fields for findingbypassed hydrocarbons and increasing production.

Pulsed Neutron Tool Takes Three Measurements In One Trip

Gas, fluid and oil saturations can be profiled to monitor reservoirs and find bypassed pay.

Realizing The Recovery Value Of Aging Assets

Collaboration must begin soon to realize the full value of the UKCS.

Rejuvenating Existing Assets During A Downturn

Expandable liner system offers economical solution to maintain or increase production rates in existing assets.

Shifting Economics In Mature Fields

A new approach seeks to prolong the profitability of mature assets.

Exploration Technologies

Stopping Workflow Theft

A new cybersecurity issue surrounds data parameterization.

Drilling Technologies

Coffee Grounds Could Foretell Future Of Methane Emissions

Fortune tellers may have been right all these years by using coffee grounds to predict the future. And Shell’s Chukchi Sea well brings up the ghost of Mukluk.

Completions and Production

‘Fail Early, Fail Well’

No shame in failure, only in failing to learn from it.

Offshore Advances

Keeping The Power On

Geothermal energy and ocean currents could keep well sites operating autonomously.

Digital Solutions

Accelerate Seismic Interpretation, Transform Workflows With New Mobile Technology

Powerful mobile workstations are set to unchain geophysicists from their desks.

Drilling Down On Data To Ensure Future Success

Digital technologies will continue to be the key to unlocking data’s full potential.


A Fast-track Pipelay Pioneer

Vessel Spotlight

Alberta’s Gooey Prize

The Athabasca oil sands have gone from being a curiosity to one of the largest oil accumulations in the world.

Cashing In On Pieces Of The Caspian Jigsaw

The Caspian region is overcoming immense challenges to prove itself as an oil and gas giant.

Completely Disintegrating Frack Plug Is Latest Application Of Nanostructured Materials Technology

Advances in materials science and nanotechnology deliver new composite material with unique chemical and mechanical properties.

Cotton Valley Is Lone Bright Spot In ArkLaTex

Greater proppant loading in slickwater treatments boosts production.

CT Annular Fracturing: ‘What’s Trending Now?’

Another positive step forward is made in the use of CT for annular fracturing.

Drilling Rig Contracts: No More Paying For Nothing

London court ruled against ‘repair’ rate for maintenance during periods when the rig could not be used as result of the contractor’s breach of contract.

Exploring Subsea Cable Market

The increasing complexity of subsea designs spurs innovation in the design and construction of subsea cables.

Hope Is Not A Strategy

Hope is something we should never lose when going through tough times. But the global upstream industry cannot afford to rely on optimism alone as it strives to survive in today’s ‘lower-for-longer’ oil price environment.

HP/HT Pressure-control Systems Push Technology Boundaries

The consequences of BOP failure at 20,000 psi and 320 C (608 F) in ultradeep water are driving operators and manufacturers to meet new, more stringent regulations.

Marcellus Still Has Plenty To Offer

Drilling and completions efficiencies combined with a burgeoning demand for natural gas are helping to keep this play going strong.

Market Downturn Spurring Much Needed Innovation

Aggressively using automation technologies is the key to success in the new price environment.

Next Stage Defined In Perforating Optimization

A modular perforating deployment system from the cable head to the detonator meets the demanding task of perforating horizontal wells in unconventional plays.

One Model, One Solution Used Throughout Field Development Life Cycle

Full-field integrated modeling offers a holistic view of subsea processing system interdependencies and behaviors.

Perspectives On Refracturing

New technologies and methodologies are key to the successful revitalization of mature shale wells.

Presalt In Brazil

While challenging, the presalt plays offshore Brazil are slowly revealing their riches.

Semiautomated Pipehandling System Improves Arctic Rig Safety

Two operators in British Columbia implemented a semiautomated pipehandling system on rigs in an area where temperatures can drop as low as -30 C.

Solving Inefficiencies Of Fracturing Fluid Delivery

New structured fracturing fluid delivery system brings order to a cluttered work environment.

Subsalt Imaging—A George Orwell Analog

Advances in acquisition and imaging are helping to fight Big Brother.

System Eliminates Standard Maze Of Power Cables For Walking Rigs

Distributed power and control technology improves rig mobilization, safety and operational efficiencies.

Tech Watch

Improving Operations With An iPhone

One company cut costs by 90% with BYOD GPS.

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