This is your Hart Energy LIVE A&D Minute powered by the DUG Haynesville Conference March 28 and 29 in Shreveport.

Last year, Diamondback Energy bought more than $3 billion worth of Midland Basin assets. Now the company is in the market to sell in a big way. Click here if you want to know what they’ve unloaded so far and their surprising new sales goal.

Chesapeake Energy’s quest to become a natural gas only producer meant selling their oily Eagle Ford assets. After a January deal was met with some lukewarm results, why is one analyst saying their more recent $1.4 billion deal was a "much better deal this time"?

Private equity was a go-to seller last year to large oil and gas companies. But signs point to a financial regrouping by PE. A newly backed Quantum Energy Partner’s portfolio company is already buying up D-J Basin assets. So what’s next for private equity in the E&P world?

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