Technology provider 8 Rivers said Jan. 17 it has partnered with Switzerland-based Casale SA to advance a proprietary breakthrough methane reformer that is key to its clean hydrogen technology.

The CO2 convective reformer (CCR) will enable 8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology to capture nearly all CO2 as part of its process, the North Carolina-based climate technology company said in a news release. Most carbon capture technologies target a 90% to 95% capture rate.

“8RH2 harnesses an advanced CO2 process cycle in a CO2 Convective Reformer, building on 8 Rivers’ decades of decarbonization and CO2 expertise,” 8 Rivers said. “8RHuses natural gas and pure oxygen and then utilizes the CO2 produced in the combustion process as a heat transfer medium in the proprietary CCR before sending the CO2 for sequestration.”

In early January, 8 Rivers Capital announced it is developing the Cormorant Clean Energy project in Port Arthur, Texas. Plans are to transform hydrogen produced using 8RH2 technology and turn it into ultralow-carbon ammonia. The facility is expected to capture more than 1.4 MMmt of CO2 annually and produce an estimated 880,000 mt of ammonia, which can be used for transportation, industrial processes and agriculture.

8 Rivers is among companies advancing decarbonization technologies as the world works to lower carbon emissions. Hydrogen and its derivative, ammonia, are expected to contribute to the global emissions reduction efforts, as hydrogen has near-zero greenhouse gas emissions

“There is a significant need to decarbonize the production of hydrogen and ammonia as they are widely expected to play key roles in the global energy transition,” said 8 Rivers COO Steve Milward. “8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology, in conjunction with this important joint development program with Casale, will enable affordable, infrastructure-scale hydrogen and ammonia production to meet the world’s increasing demand for clean fuels, energy, and industrial uses.”

The first CCRs are expected to be delivered in time to support commercial operations of Project Cormorant, which represents the company’s first deployment of the 8RH2 hydrogen technology in combination with existing ammonia synthesis loop technology provided by Casale, 8 Rivers said. The facility is scheduled to come online in 2027.

“This development allows us to design and build the lowest emissions syngas plants and fits perfectly with Casale’s strategy to be always at the forefront of technological advancement,” Casale CEO Federico Zardi said.

Casale will be the exclusive global CCR supplier and provide necessary performance, process, and mechanical guarantees with respect to the CCR equipment, according to the release.