8 Rivers Capital LLC is developing the Cormorant Clean Energy project, a low carbon ammonia production facility, in Port Arthur, Texas, according to a Jan. 9 press release.

Powered by 8 Rivers’ 8RH2 hydrogen process, the project plans to produce an estimated 880,000 mt of ammonia and capture more than 1.4 MMmt of CO2 annually.

8RH2, which will be deployed commercially for the first time, is an ultralow carbon hydrogen process using oxy-combustion to eliminate CO2 emissions and lower costs.

At the Cormorant facility, hydrogen produced by 8RH2 will be turned into ultralow carbon ammonia that can be used for transportation, industrial processes and agriculture, the release stated.

“Clean fuels like hydrogen and ammonia are paramount to the energy transition, and the Gulf Coast region’s rich history of industrial manufacturing and transportation makes it the perfect environment to demonstrate the game-changing potential of this technology,” said Steve Milward, COO at 8 Rivers.