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Making Bank: Top 10 Oil and Gas Dealmakers in North America

MergerLinks ranks the key dealmakers behind the U.S. biggest M&A transactions of 2023.

Quadrupling Energy Transition Financing and the Quest for Net Zero

McKinsey Partner Kassia Yanosek details private equity’s unique role in the climate transition, despite corporate uneasiness at partnering with firms, and the need to quadruple funding while government ramps up support.

Deckelbaum: US Shale Landscape Taking on New Shape Through M&A

In 2023, majors Chevron and Exxon Mobil took four public names off the board—Pioneer Natural Resources, Denbury, PDC Energy and Hess Corp.— using all-equity takeout mechanisms with scant premiums.

Upstart CCS Operator Lapis Energy Takes on ‘Cancer Alley’ CO2 Emissions

Lapis Energy CEO Reg Manhas sees “massive” CCS opportunity in a stretch of Louisiana plagued by emissions and a high cancer rate.

Occidental Leaps into DAC, but Will Costs Drag it Down?

Occidental Petroleum is taking a multibillion-dollar leap into direct air capture (DAC), recently inking a $1.1 billion deal to acquire technology partner Carbon Engineering. But can the company bring down costs for its DAC dreams?