Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - December 2016

Cover Story

Northeast Buysiders

While the outlook for a sustained price recovery remains cloudy, institutional investors are trending bullish on oil and gas equities. Are they portending an imminent rebound?


A&D Watch

Oxy inks a $2 billion deal in the sizzling Permian Basin.

All About That Stack

Midcontinent operators turn to acquisitions and DrillCo structures in their quest to drill the Meramec, Woodford and other horizons.

Allegheny County: A Challenged Gas Super-Giant

Massive resource potential development in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, has to jump many hurdles—and it may not have the running room to succeed.

Bench Pressing In The Delaware

This red-hot basin in West Texas is attracting activity like a magnet. Here’s why.

Devon, Reloaded

Devon Energy Corp. CEO and president Dave Hager took the saddle in a tempest and bolstered the asset base with bold moves in the Stack and Powder River while casting off a corral of other holdings. Now, the inaugural shale producer is ready to ride.

Oil Hedge-Haves

Savvy producers don’t even need sustained $60-plus oil to get that price. But how to manage the risk of risk management?

Paring Risk In Private Equity

Structured investments in the oil patch come with commodity price and other risks. Here are two ways to offset downside.

US Shale Resiliency

The North American shale landscape has transformed.

A&D Trends

In The Zone

As prices soar in the Permian, E&Ps focus in on additional zones.

At Closing

Trump Takes The Helm

The ship of state has a new captain, but we don’t yet know where he plans to sail.

Bright Spots

Meet Patrick George

Patrick George’s northern stars are leadership and service.


Hitting The Tape

Investors want companies that have walked through fire and come out the other side healed.

E&P Momentum

Gaming Out A Recovery

The recovery in drilling activity gathers strength even as commodity prices slumber.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Sheffield's Wisdom

Pioneer Natural Resources’ exiting CEO shares what made him and his leading company so successful.

On the Money

Peering Through A Prism

Schlumberger provides a unique perspective on international upstream spending.