Allegheny County, Pennsylvania sits atop vast reserves of natural gas, enough to qualify it as a super-giant gas field. But various factors, including high population density, have conspired to place most of these reserves off-limits to full development. Allegheny and two adjoining counties, Washington and Greene, are situated within the “core of the core” of the recently named Appalachian Mega-Giant Gas Field. Each county has recoverable natural gas reserves likely ranking them at or near the highest county natural gas reserve base in the nation.

As the second-most populous county in the state and home to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County presents unique challenges to full development of the resources. By a quirk of nature, these three counties lie atop some of the best shale reservoir rock in the world in the Marcellus, Utica and the lesser-known Upper Devonian Burket/Geneseo Shale.

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