Midstream Business Magazine - July/August 2016

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Writer's Block

Third-quarter midstream indicators point in multiple directions.


Best Of The Best

Capital projects planned during the shale boom in some cases entered service with lower-than-projected throughputs.

Doing Business In Mexico

Mexico works to change its midstream map from a bare tic-tac-toe board to a bowl of spaghetti.

Drones Are Commercial, But Just Barely

New government regulations help but still tie down the midstream’s potential uses of drones.

Getting Ready

Firms can take critical steps now to assure an MLP public offering will be ready when markets improve.

Improving The Permitting Process

A new federal-state partnership process for siting and approving interstate pipelines could benefit everyone involved.

Industry Briefs

TransCanada Corp. formally requested arbitration under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provisions over President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. The company is seeking to recover $15 billion in costs and damages, according to legal papers filed at the end of June.

Permian Perspectives

This year’s DUG Permian showcase opened with a midstream emphasis.

Safety Reauthorization

Washington, D.C., has been a busy place this summer on both the regulatory and legislative fronts for midstream.

Texas Midstream: Opportunities And Challenges

The East Coast businessman was on his first-ever trip out to Houston and Texas. Standing at the window of a major gas transmission system’s high-rise headquarters, he surveyed the thick urban forest that stretched out to the horizon 20 stories below. The Bayou City nestled down in its green carpet like ladybugs in a parsley bed.

The Interview: Diversifying For Growth

Mike Howard is chairman and CEO of Howard Energy Partners.

Alerian Index

Insight From Alerian: Maturing MLPs

MLPs as an asset class have matured, and picking winners is now more difficult.

Finance Matters

Finance Matters: How Sunk Costs Can Hurt

Easy access to capital markets resulted in over-investment in the midstream— a.k.a., the ‘sunk-cost curse.’

News Flow

News Flow

Production of crude from Canadian oil sands will rise by 1 million barrels per day (MMbbl/d) between now and 2025 despite a likely halt in construction of new projects, analytical firm IHS said in a new report.

NGL Frac Spread

This Frac, Not That Frack

A primer on the measure of profitability for natural gas plants.