E&P Magazine - October 2013

As I See It

Ideas and innovation

Sometimes we come to appreciate the tremendously innovative minds that drive this industry.

Cover Story

Frontier Horizons

Industry seeks out new supply sources to keep up with growing global energy demand.

Exploration Technologies

Core testing benefits from new approach

Testing unconventional cores in an unconventional way can enable better development decisions.

Drilling Technologies

R&D made easy and effective

A mid-cap company takes a drill-and-research approach to determine the best technology for its wells.

Completions and Production

Fortune cookie wisdom

‘Study the past, if you would divine the future’

Offshore Advances

Industry pushing hard to realize subsea dreams

The offshore industry’s need to enhance its subsea production capabilities to better tackle remote and deepwater developments has seen it unveil some innovative plans to take seabed facilities to the next level.

Digital Solutions

Advanced seismic processing gets a boost

New facility set to go online this month will offer more computing power and more space for advanced seismic processing.

Understanding SIP trunking and evaluating SIP trunk providers

SIP trunking provides a communications solution to deliver high-quality voice communications and accommodate a highly mobile work force.


A template for infrastructure investment in Iraq

The Basrah Gas Project has faced down challenges to serve as an example of public/private enterprise going forward.

Borehole time-lapse seismic tracks steam flood

Borehole seismic can deliver a higher resolution than surface methods to solve critical EOR issues.

China’s unconventional challenges

China’s unconventional oil and gas sector has major potential for domestic and international operators, but despite having the world’s largest estimated reserves of shale gas, the development of the country’s fledgling industry has been floundering.

Companies push toward Brazilian bounty

In the land of opportunity, potential exists for hydrocarbon finds, but work to overcome obstacles is a given.

Custom-designing fracturing fluids enhances water management strategy

The industry is becoming more creative in how it manages water to maximize efficiency in its operations while reducing environmental footprint.

Finding solutions to unconventional challenges

ITF members map out a plan to study characterization issues in unconventional reservoirs.

How safe are oil and gas facilities?

The lowly gauge can spell the difference between safety and disaster if not regularly monitored.

Managing cyber risk

Cyber attacks aren’t going away. Companies need a top-driven strategy to keep them in check.

Managing water can improve productivity

With more than 290 Bbbl produced in 2010, operators need a consistent integrated plan to reduce, control, and reuse water.

Mass spectrometry: challenging industry norms

With additional information come more precise drilling, reduced risk, less wasted time, and ultimately a stronger profit-and-loss statement.

Mexico’s ‘Brave New World’ looms

In response to long-held concerns within the international oil and gas industry over Mexico’s ability to turn around an alarming production decline and find new reserves elsewhere, its national oil company has come out fighting with a bold exploration and development strategy.

New life for Oklahoma’s North Burbank field

CO2 EOR opens new chapter for an historic field.

QA/QC of water blending enhances crosslinked gel completions

Managing wastewater and completion chemicals removes obstacles to wastewater reuse.

Reducing risk, protecting infrastructure through software

The oil and gas industry has become increasingly dependent on information technology. A focus on secure software development practices can help protect critical operations and intellectual property, reduce costs, and simplify the software procurement process.

Rising tide of ultra-deep newbuilds swells market

The number of rigs being built for oil companies keen to use the highest specification units possible means this most active of markets is nearing a potential pause in the breakneck speed of its growth. But not for long…

The 'golden era' of geochemistry

From determining the origins of petroleum to maximizing its ultimate production, geochemistry plays an increasingly critical role.

Tech Watch

Realizing the potential of Alberta’s oil sands resources

New cladding options reduce corrosion.

Tech Trends

Activity Highlights

On The Move

Industry Impact

Reinjection system offers subsea installation solution

Technology can eliminate the need for high-cost, high-risk intervention to field architecture.

Management Report

Out of the silo and into the huddle room

How one company went horizontal with its collaborative style to enhance team interaction and product development.