CGG’s Geoscience division has completed, five months early, the multiyear integrated geoscience study awarded by Kuwait Gulf Oil Co. (KGOC) in early 2017, the company said on Sept. 18.

The study’s main objective was to identify resource growth potential in the mature, onshore Partitioned Zone (PZ).

The prospecting and remaining resource assessment study was conducted by CGG Geoscience’s Houston team and, importantly, involved KGOC experts embedded in the team for the duration of the project.

The co-located team worked together to integrate recently acquired and processed 3-D seismic data covering the entire onshore PZ, with multiple geological, petrophysical and production data sets to deliver a robust portfolio of exploration prospects and leads as well as asset development infill opportunities for the existing fields.

“We now have a portfolio of credible oil and gas targets that we can draw on for an extended five-year exploration campaign commencing early 2020. Additionally, we are pleased that the work generated a joint patent application utilizing KGOC’s knowledge and data and CGG’s know-how, workflows and software,” Mohammad Al-Haimer, DCEO Joint Operations, KGOC, said.