Verdagy was awarded a $39.6 million grant by the Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate the high-volume manufacturing of alkaline water electrolysis e-dynamic electrolyzers, the green hydrogen electrolysis company announced March 14.

Verdagy's electrolyzers combine high current densities and fast responses to enable real time matching with renewable power sources to provide the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen. The company is committed to achieving the DOE's goal of $2/kg of levelized cost targets for green hydrogen by 2026.

Verdagy's gigawatt-scale Silicon Valley factory was announced in 2023 and will be the first to manufacture advanced alkaline water electrolyzers in large volumes in the U.S. The electrolyzers will be shipped from Verdagy’s Newark, California, manufacturing facility in 2025 to enable infrastructure-scale green hydrogen deployments.