Service provider Schlumberger released its Microsoft Energy Data Services-powered Enterprise Data Solution, a press release announced on Sept. 21.

Presented at the company's Digital Forum 2022 in Lucerne, Switzerland, the technology will make data accessible on an unprecedented global scale in alignment with OSDU technical standard, delivering comprehensive capabilities for subsurface data.

As a single, open and interoperable platform with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful data management tools, it allows users to integrate subsurface data with technologies and workflows from multiple vendors. These capabilities provide support and accelerate scalable, data-driven decision making at all levels of the organization.

“A global cloud-based data solution, developed by Schlumberger and powered by the Microsoft Cloud, means the energy industry can confidently and fully embrace its digital transformation,” president of digital and integration Rajeev Sonthalia commented in the release.

Co-built with Schlumberger, Microsoft Energy Data Services is a fully managed, enterprise-grade OSDU data platform. Together, the two companies will work to continuously bring new capabilities to market, supported by global development centers.

“Together, Schlumberger’s energy and subsurface data expertise and Microsoft’s experience in scaling cloud-based data solutions in an open interoperable data platform, have successfully unlocked the full potential of data," Sonthalia continued.

The technology enables end-to-end data-driven workflows scalable to customers’ organizations, with full upstream data capabilities that will expand from subsurface to production to well construction and welcome the transition to new and low-carbon energy sources.

It can also speed up advanced workflows to screen, assess and design carbon capture, utilization and storage projects to support rapidly growing demand for CO2 sequestration at a large scale.

PETRONAS and Chevron have both already implemented the solution into their workflows, with Chevron working with Schlumberger and Microsoft to accelerate digital technology development across its global value chains.

“It is great to see our strategic partners, Microsoft and Schlumberger, embracing the open, industry-data foundation to build innovative products at enterprise scale,” Chevron vice president of subsurface Kevin Chambers said in the release.

“As an early adopter of the OSDU Data Platform, Chevron believes ‘the best is yet to come,’ as we continue to drive innovative capabilities in the OSDU community via our people and industry collaborations and synergies,” he continued.