Rockcliff Energy will undergo Project Canary's TrustWell environmental certification on all natural gas produced in the E&P's completed Haynesville Shale wells, a press release announced on May 24.

Rockcliff initiated the assessment and certification process with Project Canary in late 2021, measuring the company’s operations against the highest environmental and social standards related to air, land, water and community practices. 143 Rockcliff wells have been assessed and certified by TrustWell thus far, with the current remaining wells to be assessed by the end of June 2022.

“As new regulations and reporting standards demand more credible disclosures, Rockcliff desires to focus on our strategic direction as well as near-term action," Rockcliff CEO Alan Smith said in the release. "Our reliance on asset-level independent RSG [responsibly sourced gas] certification from TrustWell positions us at the forefront of what’s next.”

Through the TrustWell continuous monitoring system, the company will be able to detect leaks early on as well as monitor, measure and record methane and volatile organic compound emissions, according to the Project Canary website.

By the end of June 2022, nearly all Rockcliff’s natural gas production will be independently certified as RSG. With the help of the monitoring system, the company will soon deliver approximately 1.3 Bcf/d of independently certified RSG to domestic and international gas buyers. Rockcliff's Haynesville wells currently represent over 95% of its total production.

The company has also deployed 171 Canary X advanced continuous emissions monitors at well sites to precisely detect, monitor and mitigate methane emissions in real-time.

“Our independent analysis confirms Rockcliff’s commitment to ESG leadership,” Project Canary co-founder and CEO Chris Romer added. “Buyers consistently seek independent, verified emissions data and our well-by-well environmental assessments accurately monitor and quantify environmental and operations performance.”