Exxon Mobil Corp. started up two new chemical production units at its manufacturing complex in Baytown, Texas, the company said on Sept. 19.

The $2 billion expansion project included a new performance polymers line capable of producing 400,000 metric tons per year of polymer modifiers—which are used to enhance the performance of chemical products used to make automotive parts, packaging applications and more.

The Spring, Texas-based supermajor is also entering a new chemical market with a linear alpha olefins production unit in Baytown. The new unit is capable of producing 350,000 tons per year of linear alpha olefins, which are used in surfactants, plastic packaging and other applications.

“With startup of these two new lines, ExxonMobil is delivering high-value materials for a variety of products that society depends on every day,” Karen McKee, president of Exxon’s Product Solutions segment, said in a Sept. 19 news release. “We achieved excellent safety performance by leveraging our expertise to plan and execute large projects, while providing meaningful investment in the U.S. Gulf Coast.”

Once fully operational, the chemical expansion project in Baytown will directly employ 200 workers, Exxon said. The project supported over 3,500 jobs during the construction phase.

Exxon’s 3,400-acre manufacturing complex in Baytown includes a refinery, chemical plant, olefins plant, plastic plant and a technology center.

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