Nissa Darbonne, executive editor-at-large, Hart Energy: Hi, I'm Nissa Darbonne, executive editor-at-large for Hart Energy, and I am visiting with Craig Jarchow. Craig is president and CEO of TG Natural Resources. Craig, congratulations on Rockcliff [Energy].

Craig Jarchow, president and CEO, TG Natural Resources: Thank you.

ND: It was great to see you've been working on that deal for a long time. I think 18 months.

CJ: 18 months, yes.

ND: And it finally came together, right? So give us a snapshot now of TG Natural Resources with Rockcliff in it.

CJ: TG now is a big company, which was always our goal. Our production increased by about 300% in doing the acquisition. Our proved reserves increased about 230%. So if you look at our production today, net it's about 1.3 Bcf a day. We have 410,000 acres. So we're really one of the very big players in the Haynesville. We're not the biggest, but we're among the biggest, which is very pleasing to us. It was our goal.

ND: Your head count increased—of course, it will—increased 44%, but your production, I think tripled?

CJ: Yeah, production tripled. And of course, when you do acquisitions like this, a big reason for it is achieving synergies, getting your cost down—particularly in times like this where natural gas prices are less than $2. So indeed, that's the first thing that we do when we get ahold of an acquisition. And that is, we put together the new organization, and we've done that in the field. We've taken over operations, we've taken over oil and gas marketing. We're building out the team in Houston. So our headcount in Houston will go up by, well, the number is 44% compared to what it was for us as a company. And that's what it means to achieve synergies. And that's the whole reason for consolidation and cutting costs, which we need to do as an industry.

ND: And obviously you're in the industry with CU and TG Natural Resources is a great potential buyer because you’re a great closer. And I'm wondering, are you looking at picking up other properties or whole companies?

CJ: Well, right now we're focused on integrating what we have. That's always an enormous undertaking. We’re well on our way, we have the new organization set up, but we're still transporting, poring over the accounting and land administration information, which is a heavy lift. We have as many as 20,000 owners that we deal with on a regular basis, paying royalty checks and so on. So we need to get that right. That's what we're focused on. So being acquisitive is certainly in our future; near term, that'll just be harder because we’re so busy.

ND: Thank you very much, Craig. And thank you for joining us. For more information, find it right here at