Earthstone Energy CEO Actively Looking To Be Permian Consolidator

Earthstone Energy CEO Frank Lodzinski urged attendees of a recent industry luncheon in downtown Houston to “bring us deals” as the company looks to continue its growth story.

Earthstone Energy CEO Actively Looking To Be Permian Consolidator

If there is a consolidation wave, Earthstone Energy wants to be one of the consolidators, CEO Frank Lodzinski says. (Source: Hart Energy/

HOUSTON—A terminated merger in the Permian Basin late last year hasn’t deterred oil and gas industry veteran Frank A. Lodzinski from deal-making.

Far from it, actually. The CEO of Earthstone Energy Inc. was up-front about his intentions at the Leaders in Industry Luncheon held at the Petroleum Club of Houston on Aug. 14: Earthstone is actively looking for deals ranging from acquisitions and trades to business combinations.

“I’m going to blatantly conduct a commercial here and tell you all that we’re looking for deals and that we’re open for business,” Lodzinski told attendees of the luncheon hosted monthly by the Independent Petroleum Association of American and Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association.

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Emily Patsy

Emily Patsy is the senior managing editor for Hart Energy’s Digital News Group. She's responsible for the daily news flow and also manages the A&D Watch and Energy Pulse weekly newsletters.