Energy Capital Conference

Energy Transition Capital Conference: The Looming Divorce of Oil & Gas with UBS Investment Bank

Domestic and global market valuation of oil versus gas is diverging based on the carbon footprint of each. Here’s where this is going.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Town Hall with Adya Partners, EIV Capital, Climate Impact Capital, Evolve Collective

Low- and zero-carbon investors share their view of what the energy future may hold for all fuel sources.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: VC-Level & More Startups

Learn of the business plans of these energy-transition startups actively pursuing a piece of the decarbon prize.

Energy Commercial Banking: Reserve-Based Loans—with Caveats

A conversation with three commercial bankers reveals that the RBL markets are “open for business,” but none of them are promising it’s going to be easy for oil and gas producers to get fast cash backed by reserves.

Sustained Outperformance Needed from Public E&Ps

Before the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price war, public investors had already thrown down the gauntlet to E&Ps. Companies, arguably, were learning to adapt, and they must keep doing so to access public capital in the new environment.

Private Equity Pivots to New Game Plan for E&Ps

Today private-equity providers focus on returns, cash flow, the right incentives and portfolio discipline by oil and gas companies.

Energy Capital Conference: Perspectives on ESG in the E&P Sector

Companies and capital providers talk about ESG strategies and their critical importance to shareholders. This presentation was recorded at the recent Energy Capital Conference & exhibition in Dallas. 

Energy Capital Conference: Creative Alternatives to Raising Capital

If traditional capital sources are sitting the bench, then nontraditional capital is sure to step up to the plate.

Energy Capital Conference: What About RBL? Commercial Banking Trends

The number of distressed loans over recent years put reserve-based lenders on notice to tighten covenants, or just to exit the space altogether.

Energy Capital Conference: Private Equity Value Creation Strategies

With no buyers and no IPOs, private equity exits are essentially closed, leaving assets stranded. This presentation was recorded at the recent Energy Capital Conference & exhibition in Dallas.