Energy Capital Conference

Denbury Executive Q&A: Look Inside the US Carbon Capture Movement

Top executives from Denbury Resources, a longtime transporter and user of CO2 in EOR, describe the opportunity and plans for the company’s new CCUS business.

Is Oil and Gas Headed for Divorce?

An energy investment bank executive delves into the divergent paths of oil and gas during Hart Energy’s Energy Transition Capital Conference.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Blue/Green Oil & Gas with IHS Markit, Enverus, American Hydrogen

Gas and oil producers are gaining blue/green certifications for their products. Buyers are paying premiums. Plus, experts discuss alt-energy opportunities and new enterprises.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: E.T. Public & Debt Capital Panel

Public equity and lenders are financing decarbon and low-carbon operators. Hear more here.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Energy Veterans Who Have Tapped Energy Transition Capital

Dozens of upstream and midstream executives have won public and private capital for their new low-carbon ventures.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: How We Raised It and What We Did With It Keynote with Switchback II Corp.

These energy leaders have already twice raised capital for ventures in the low-carbon space. 

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Oil and Gas Private Equity Investors in Energy Transition

These longtime oil and gas PE investors and financiers have added decarbon to their portfolios.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Opening Keynote - Made with Oil and Gas with Quantum Energy Partners

As in nearly two centuries now, the energy future will be made with oil and gas, the building blocks of a lower-carbon future.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: Opportunities in Gulf Coast CCU/S with Talos Energy Inc.

This leading producer describes how it’s leveraging its Gulf of Mexico heritage and core E&P skill sets to advance major commercial opportunities for carbon capture and sequestration along the Gulf Coast.

Energy Transition Capital Conference: The Energy Storage Opportunity with Enstor Gas, FlexGen

Energy investors are placing bets on the evolving energy storage market.