PureWest is being recognized with a 2021 Energy ESG Top Performers Award in the private E&P category.

PureWest ESG

PureWest’s closed-loop drilling rig with Selective Catalytic Reduction emission controls ensures the continued protection of air, land and water in the Pinedale Anticline Field. (Source: PureWest)

Energy ESG Awards

Environmental accomplishments: 

PureWest’s Responsibly Sourced Gas Initiative works to certify all wells as responsibility sourced throughout the field by year-end 2022 with third-party validators, Project Canary/TrustWell. The certification process has more than 600 data points that consider air, water, land and social impacts. The majority of production was scheduled to be certified by year-end 2021.

The company has a methane intensity rate of 0.04% and a total emissions intensity of 2.78 kg CO2e/boe. 

Also, 56% of camera-based LDAR surveys are conducted on a voluntary basis, and the company has a pool of 35-plus certified camera inspectors with four full-time inspectors. PureWest also has a fleet of seven latest-generation optical gas imaging cameras. The company’s rigorous internal audit program evaluates LDAR findings and conducts comprehensive facility evaluations. The company’s implementing solar heat trace pump projects that will remove pneumatic pumps and replace them with solar. The company has removed thousands of pneumatic controllers in favor of software-based automated well control solutions. It has also removed all high-bleed pneumatic devices. PureWest has an innovative approach to LDAR, using trained lease operators to find leaks and make immediate repairs with average repair times of less than one day with a leak occurrence rate of less than 0.07%. 

In addition, the company reported declining criteria pollutant emissions (NOx, SOx, VOC and PM) year over year since at least 2017. 

PureWest participated in a comprehensive groundwater study, and it formed a foundation for ongoing annual groundwater monitoring. The study also resulted in 110 best management practices to ensure the continued protection of groundwater. PureWest uses 100% recycled water in its completions, and freshwater withdrawals have been reduced year over year in at least the last five years.

As for biodiversity, PureWest reported its number of reportable spills are declining year over year, and the average spill intensity rate over the last four years is 0.015 produced liquids spilled (bbl)/total produced liquids (Mbbl). 

PureWest donated 255,000 ft of tubing to Wyoming Game and Fish for wildlife friendly fence construction. It also funded thousands of acres of conservation easements, habitat improvement projects and wildlife special studies through the Pinedale Anticline Monitoring and Mitigation Fund.

PureWest solar ESG
PureWest is implementing new technology to help replace energy-intensive operations, including solar heat trace pumps and well automation, which allows the company to remove pneumatic devices—eliminating those operational emissions as well as the potential for fugitives. (Source: PureWest)

Societal efforts: 

PureWest offers an employee match program, and all employees receive a paid day off to volunteer. More than 60 organizations are supported with monetary contributions. Company-sponsored engagement events include Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement.

PureWest increased transparency by hosting regular meetings with agencies, the local community and elected officials. It launched a monthly outreach newsletter campaign to share initiatives and make the company easily reachable by the public.

In addition, PureWest formed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Task Force in 2020. It held employee engagement events to learn about DE&I issues and conducted DE&I training for all employees. PureWest also launched initiatives to increase the diverse candidate pool for future job openings. 

PureWest has a rigorous safety program including comprehensive training conducted monthly, stop work authority, emergency response planning, unannounced drills, and a detailed incident management program.

Governance achievements:

The PureWest senior vice president of ESG, land and regulatory manages the company’s ESG program. Responsibility for ESG is held at all levels of the company, and employees are empowered to identify issues and opportunities. 

PureWest has an internal monthly newsletter to share progress on ESG with the entire company, which maximizes potential for employee engagement. The company’s sustainability team comprises representatives from multiple departments within the company. 

The company has an ethics policy for all employees and leadership, and it follows SOX guidelines, even as a private company. Companywide incentive metrics include safety and environmental improvements. 

The company has weekly communications with board representatives and the executive team to discuss ESG progress. There are frequent communications with the full board regarding ESG, with formal quarterly meetings. 

PureWest also has a third-party whistleblower hotline. 

PureWest recently posted its 2nd annual ESG Report on its corporate website.