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Xerion Advanced Battery Corp.


Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. is a privately held manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries. Xerion uses a breakthrough production process and a novel battery architecture to significantly reduce the cost of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The company's patented technology platform enables step-change performance improvements across a range of critical battery attributes while mitigating up to 40% of carbon emissions. 

Headquarters Address

3100 Research Blvd. Suite 320
Kettering, OH 45420
United States

Main Phone Number


Xerion CEO: Battery Industry Infrastructure Buildout Must be Holistic

John Busbee, CEO and co-founder of Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. tells Jordan Blum, Hart Energy’s editorial director, that the whole battery industry must advance at the same time in order to be successful.

Amid ‘Battery Arms Race,’ Xerion CEO Talks Tech, Maturing Market, China

The late-stage battery startup is active in the military and electronics space, but is gaining attention for technology that extracts lithium from geothermal brine.